Pets of the Week

Lars Riley
lars Riley
ADOPTED! Hello, my name is Lars. I am white with black patches and medium length soft fluffy fur. Speaking of my white fur, I like it very white and bath myself over and over again to keep my white it’s brightest! I am great with other cats and kids, so would love being in a well-balanced family. I like to play with strings and toys, and I also like to nap on the cat tree in the window. Snuggles is one of my favorite activities and I will nudge you to get your attention to let you know it is Snuggle-time. I hope you come to visit me soon for play and snuggle time. I want to introduce you to my friend, Riley too. He is a great guy and also loves to snuggle. Twice the snuggles, means twice the love. Maybe we three will have so much fun together, that you will take us both home. I would love to have a home of my own very soon. And if Riley can come, too, that would make it even better! ADOPTED! Why, hello there! My name is Riley! I am a very handsome, soft gray and white adult cat. My fur is fluffy and well groomed because if I don’t groom it gets matted very easily. I live in the cat colony room because I get along well with other cats. Especially my buddy, Lars. I like to snuggle with the other kitties I live with and enjoy playing with them. I like to be around humans a lot and don’t like doors that keep me away from those I love. I will sit at the door and stare at it when I know they are on the other side. I like to roam and see what is going on everywhere. Windows are great too, so my wish is to have a nice perch to look out the window. A little kitty door would be awesome where I could go outside to a fenced in yard. But to have a fur-ever family and to have my buddy Lars? That would be my dream come true!

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