Meet your new best friend!

Your beloved companion-to-be may be waiting for you at this very minute in the Driftless Humane Society Animal Shelter. See our current listing of animals available for adoption on

We place pets all across the midwest

Looking at our pets from far away? We adopt to distant families very frequently, from Montana to Michigan! We appreciate out-of-county adopters, because we have an abundance of lovable homeless pets here in southwest Wisconsin. We welcome our internet visitors and encourage you to call with any questions. We are happy to work with breed rescues too.

Call 608-637-6955 for a personal appointment at your convenience, if our visiting hours aren’t feasible for your schedule.

Want to take your pet home with you on the first visit? Just download and complete an application (see below) before you visit and fax it to us at 608-637-6775 to become pre-approved.

Adoption Applications

For your convenience, you may choose to print an Adoption Application Form and complete it before visiting us. Our application process includes checking references.

Right-click on a link below to save a copy of the form to your computer, or double-click to open the file in your browser. Print and complete the form. Fax (608-637-6775) or deliver the form to the shelter. You can be pre-approved before you start looking, if you like. Thank you for your interest!


Adoption Costs

Dog adoptions are $150, puppy adoptions are $250 (up to one year of age) and cat adoptions range from $50 to $95. Read more about cat adoptions here and dog adoptions here. These totals include spay/neuter surgery, tests, and all necessary vaccinations. There are no extra hidden costs. We accept checks made out to ” Driftless Humane Society.” Adoption fees are non-refundable unless a life-threatening illness is found.

Adoption Goal

Our adoption goal is to find the most suitable, permanent home for a shelter animal in our care, and one animal might get several applications. As a result, some would-be adopters may be disappointed when a different adoptive home is chosen. We understand that experience can be painful, but we ask you to give us the benefit of the doubt. We always look at the long-term “big picture” for the animal and the family, to select a home for the greater good of all concerned. Plus, we have many years of experience in making decisions of this type. Lastly, our decisions are final, and creating stress about the decision will not change the outcome.

If we deny your application for an animal, please remember that we are not implying that you would be a bad companion animal owner; we only have concluded that another home is better able to meet that animal’s needs.

If your application was approved for a different pet, we encourage you to let us help you select a more suitable animal. It is our great pleasure to bring adoptive families and animals together, and we will do our very best to make your adoption experience a smooth and satisfactory one.

Please note: A pet can not be selected for someone else without their knowledge and approval. Pet ownership is a major responsibility and must be carefully considered by the owner. Also, adoption fees are non-refundable. Instead of giving a pet as a surprise gift, bring that special someone to one of our adoption events and see what happens.

Adoption Considerations

We think the matching of animal and family is not always easy. The adopted pet must fit into the new environment. Some pets require lots of exercise or space and would not do well in a small apartment. Not all pets get along with children. We want to make sure that pets and their new owners are happy living together. We put a lot of thought and care into the final decision.

Veterinary history on previously-owned animals has a bearing on our decision. Regular vaccinations are not only important for the health of your companion animal and family—some are required by law.

If you rent, your landlord’s permission is required. This may be verified by our staff.

In households where there are small children under six (6) years of age, applications for adoption of puppies and kittens less than five (5) months of age shall be assessed by the following guidelines:

  • Age of child.
  • Compatibility between child and the animal, which will be evaluated by the Animal Shelter Assistants prior to adoption.
  • The child’s previous experience with other animals.

Because you are required to sign a legal contract, you must be at least 18 years of age to adopt a companion animal in the state of Wisconsin.

Adoption Process

Visit the shelter during open hours to view and interact with our cats and dogs. Complete a 2-page adoption application before or during the visit. Leave the pet name unfilled on the form if you would like to be pre-approved, which is a convenient option if you are traveling a distance. Pre-approved families can bring home the pet on the same day as the visit.

After you submit the completed application, the DHS rep will process the application, research references, and provide you with an adoption status of approved, conditionally approved, or denied.

All members of the household should come in and spend time with the animal while the application is being processed, including your four-footed household members, to ensure that the new pet is compatible.

The average wait time to process an application is two days but could be up to one week.

When your application is approved, return to the shelter when the animal is available to complete the “Adoption Agreement” (the legal adoption contract) and pay the adoption fee for your companion animal. The Adoption Agreement states that you agree to have your new pet examined by your veterinarian within 10 days; also you agree to license your pet in accordance with local ordinances. The fee is non-refundable, unless your veterinarian identifies a life-threatening illness within 10 days of adoption. Make checks available to ” Driftless Humane Society.”

Please bring a leash and collar for adult dogs or a secure companion animal carrier for cats, kittens, and puppies.

Enjoy your new companion animal. If you have any problems or questions, please give us a call. Thank you for giving one of our furry friends a second chance, and we welcome you as a new member to the Driftless Humane Society.