VCHS Programs Help Vernon County

Vernon County Humane Society has established education programs for schools and pet therapy visits to nursing homes.

Pet Therapy Visits to Nursing Homes

The Vernon County Humane Society offers pet therapy visits in nursing homes and other care faculties throughout Vernon County. Many times when people enter nursing home or long term care facilities they have had to leave their own pets behind, leaving a sense of emptiness.

Residents and pets interact with one another and the experience benefits everyone involved. Studies have shown that petting a cat or dog can help lower blood pressure and have a general calming effect. These same studies show the benefits of the use of arthritic fingers, more smiles, and heightened alertness levels.

It is also wonderful to hear the stories recalled of pets once owned and other travels down memory lane brought on by the furry visitors.

Volunteers are welcome to come and help bring kissing kitties and darling doggies on these Wednesday afternoon visits. Please contact Vernon County Humane Society to offer to come and help out with the pet therapy program.

Our Education Program

The Vernon County Humane Society would like to offer our assistance in your classroom. We would love to help you with your animal units or other classes in which we could be useful.

What is Humane Education?

Humane education teaches the principles of justice, goodwill, and humanity toward all life. We feel that education is the cure for ignorance. The traits needed to be caring, thoughtful, involved citizens are the same ones needed to be good pet owners: responsibility, caring for one another, trustworthiness, knowledge, respect, and a positive attitude. We will teach:

  • The value of kindness.
  • To respect animals and the environment.
  • The proper care for animals.
  • The way animals behave.
  • The consequences of irresponsible behavior toward animals and others.

We want to help you as you educate these children. Please tell us what kind of class or topics you would like. We don’t believe in cookie cutter lessons, so we will tailor make our discussion to fit your class needs. Here are some general topic ideas.

Caring For Your Pets: This class includes information about dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. We consider things needed for your pet, as well as their general care.

Look, But Don’t Touch: This class will discuss habitats of wild animals, and that we are to look, but not touch.

Poikilotherms Vs. Homeotherms: Here we discuss the difference between cold and warm-blooded animals and their special needs as pets.

Careers With Animals: This class considers the various career choices that are available, and the training they require.

Caring For Aquatic Pets: Here we discuss how to set up your pet’s new home, how to pick tank mates, and care for your new pets.

RX For Your Pet: We discuss the issues of pet overpopulation and dispel the rumors behind altering your pet. We also discuss vaccinations, and other medical needs your pet may have.

Animals Have Feelings Too: We discuss the difference between animal abuse and animal neglect. We will cover how all creatures great and small should be treated with respect.

How To Choose A Pet: Here we talk about the space requirements, the cost, and the attention needed for common pets, and how to pick the right one for your home.

Please contact Vernon County Humane Society for more information or to schedule a class visit.

These Regional Organizations have Scheduled Humane Education Classes

  • Viroqua Elementary School, grades 1 through 4 and grade 6
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy, grades 1 through 6
  • De Soto Elementary, grade 6
  • Westby High School
  • La Farge Elementary School
  • Youth Initiative High School
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Church Groups
  • 4-H Groups
  • Home Schoolers